Dutch-Way Rewards Card – Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Q: How do I sign up for a Dutch-Way Rewards Card?
    A:   You can to sign up for a rewards card at any register or the Courtesy Desk at any of our grocery store locations. The sign up process is a simple paper application, and you can begin using your Dutch-Way Rewards Card as soon as you submit your application to us.
  • Q:  What benefits do I get for signing up for a Dutch-Way Rewards Card?
    A:   The following is a list of benefits you will receive as a Dutch-Way Rewards Cardholder;
    • You will not have the hassle of carrying Dollar Stretchers, Courtesy Cards, and Senior Discount Cards.  The benefits of these programs will remain the same, but you will only need the Dutch-Way Rewards Card to receive them, making less clutter in your wallet or purse.  Each of these benefits will be applied at the register automatically when you use your Dutch-Way Rewards Card.
    • You will be able to participate in any points-based programs that we develop in the future, which will include a Turkey and Ham program for the holidays, as well as additional points-based programs that are yet to be determined.
    • You will receive coupons and other one-time special offers directly on your store receipts, which we were not able to provide prior to the Dutch-Way Rewards Card program.
    • You will be able to pre-load digital coupons from our website to your Dutch-Way Rewards Card, which will automatically be deducted from your order when the card is used.
    • You will be able to link multiple cards to one address, where all of your Dutch-Way Rewards will be pooled so you and your entire family can take full advantage of all of the offers that we will provide.
    • You can manage your Dutch-Way Rewards account by logging into your account on our website, or at our Courtesy Desk.  Points-based program balances will also display on your receipt and at the register via the customer screen when you are checking out.
  • Q: Will I need a Dutch-Way Rewards Card to get advertised and unadvertised sale items?
    A:  Yes.  All advertised and unadvertised sale items will be activated when you use your Dutch-Way Rewards Card.  However, the Dutch-Way Rewards Card will eliminate the hassle of carrying paper Dollar Stretchers, Courtesy Cards, and Senior Discount Cards.  You will also receive all of the card benefits that are listed above by carrying the Dutch-Way Rewards Card.  All of these benefits bring great value to the Dutch-Way Rewards Cardholder, which means you will want to use your card every time you shop anyway.  We will also make the sign-up process easy by using a simple application process.  You can get your card on your first visit to our store.
  • Q:  Will Dutch-Way continue to offer a Turkey and Ham program at the holidays?
    A:  Yes.  There will be a points-based Turkey and Ham program through the Dutch-Way Rewards Card in addition to the many other benefits of being a cardholder, which are listed above.  We plan to advertise the details of the Turkey and Ham programs in our weekly flyer well in advance to each event so you are able to easily earn your FREE Turkey or Ham, as in the past.